Egypt Has Unearthed 160 Ancient Coffins Since September.

Some Were Sealed With a curse.’

Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians were set to rest in Saqqara, an ancient city of the dead.

Archaeologists have found 160 individual coffins on the website throughout the previous three months, which they plan to distribute to museums around Egypt. They even opened a few to examine the mummies inside.

According to experts, some Saqqara tombs have colorful curses inscribed onto the walls to frighten away intruders.

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Salima Ikram, an Egyptologist at the American University in Cairo, analyzed some animal mummies found at Saqqara this past year. …

‘Oldest’ Baby Ever Born Is a 28-Year-Old Record-Breaker Almost as Old as Her Mother.

A Baby born in Tennessee can lay claim to being the oldest baby ever born, so she’s thought to be the greatest frozen embryo ever successfully delivered at live birth.

Molly Everette Gibson was created on October 26, but her birthday was literally decades in the building. She had been born from an embryo frozen in October 1992 — a mind-boggling 28 years ago.

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Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

And effectively a life ago, too. Molly’s mom, Tina, is now 29 and was only born about 18 months sooner than when Molly was suspended in her manic type. …

We Might Finally Know The Point of Having Moist, Textured Fingertips

. You’ve got something different compared to other creatures: fingerprints. A new study explains how our fingerprints help us maintain a grip on the surfaces that we come into touch with — and it is all to do with regulating moisture.

Until now, it has not been obvious how fingerprint ridges, and the higher density of sweat glands underneath them, actually help us. Researchers decided to research this using advanced laser imaging technologies and found a finely tuned system commanding how moist or dry our fingertips are.

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That means our palms can react to the numerous sorts of surfaces they are pushed up against, making the grip as strong as possible with everything from a phone to an umbrella and preventing catastrophic slip’ where we lose hold of things. …

Laughter Is Very Important to Our Bodies And Minds — Here’s What The Research Says

Entertainment and agreeable surprises — along with the laughter they can trigger — add a feel to the fabric of daily life.

Those giggles and guffaws may seem like just idiotic throwaways. But laughter, in reaction to humorous occasions, really takes a lot of work because it disturbs many brain areas: areas that control motor, emotional, cognitive, and social communicating.

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Photo by Jamie Brown on Unsplash

As I found when writing” An Introduction to the Psychology of Humor,” researchers today love laughter’s power to boost physical and psychological well-being.

Laughter’s physical power

People start laughing in infancy when it will help develop muscles and upper body power. Laughter is not simply breathing. It depends on complicated combinations of facial muscles, often involving their eyes, shoulders, and head. …

This Gym Routine Isn’t Only Effective But Also Saves Time.

Resistance training is an increasingly popular way to build strength, lose weight, and get fit. But despite its many benefits, it can also be time-consuming — which is why many fitness enthusiasts have begun integrating” supersets” into fitness routines.

When done correctly, supersets have the capacity to assist you in building strength and muscle — all while spending less time at the gym.

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Photo by Hayley Kim Design on Unsplash

Sometimes referred to as paired sets, supersets are a form of strength training where you perform a set of repetitions of usually two exercises, back-to-back with minimal or no break between them. …

More than 100 Infected Danish Mink Have Escaped and May Spread SARS-CoV-2 to Wildlife

More than 100 SARS-CoV-2 infected mink might have escaped from Danish fur farms, raising the threat that these escapees could spread the novel coronavirus to wild creatures, creating a new reservoir to the virus, The Guardian reported.

These mink may be spreading the coronavirus to wild creatures, even as millions of mink; nevertheless on farms continue to be culled to stop the spread of the virus.

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Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash

After several hundred farms reported SARS-CoV-2 infections in one of their mink, the Danish government ordered that mink from the country be culled to prevent further spread of the disease, Live Science formerly reported. …

A Baby Was Born With Protective Antibodies After Mom Had COVID-19 During Pregnancy

In March, less was known about how the coronavirus affected pregnant girls and their future children.

Aldrin is COVID-19-free and seems to have acquired protective antibodies at least temporarily from his mother’s illness, Ng-Chan advised the Straits Times. Ng-Chan was not COVID-19 positive during shipping.

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Photo by César Abner Martínez Aguilar on Unsplash

“My pregnancy and birth was smooth sailing despite being diagnosed with COVID-19 in my first trimester; that’s the most unstable phase of the pregnancy. I am very blessed to own Aldrin, and he came out very healthy,” Ng-Chan explained. …

Scientists Confirm Certain Spider Bites Inject Something Even Worse Than Venom

A tiny brown invasive species of spider that’s creeping its way across the united kingdom has a dangerous reputation for dividing flesh, one that many specialists have claimed isn’t deserved.

There is now compelling evidence suggesting that tales of the fictitious widow spider (Steatoda Nobilis) causing horrible skin infections has at least some basis in fact.

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The fictitious widow has called the UK home ever since it had been spotted on its beaches in the 1870s, probably having hitched a ride from Madeira and the Canary Islands off the African coast. …

“HOW TO SURVIVE A RHINO ATTACK” Tourists Must Need To Know


Underneath the fences of the park, character meets humans on our conditions. However, when a rhino’s patience wears thin, don’t expect it to feel the same way.

Even though they’re powerful and quick, black rhinos could not outrun the black market demand for their own horns. Like the Serengeti Park in Germany, nature parks allow endangered species to flourish in peace under human supervision. However, in 2019, this zookeeper found out that a rhino’s character can change in an instant and hardly escaped with his life while trapped in a vehicle. If you were driving through a park, could you outrun a rhino? Are rhinos blind? …

Survivors Of Beirut Explosion On Where They Were And The Horrifying Aftermath

It’s a quiet start to the afternoon, as the morning sunlight illuminates the urban paradise below your apartment. The silence shatters once the explosion tears through the streets from nearby construction.

Together with the debris quickly heading your way, here is what you need to know on How to Survive a Construction. Devastating but infrequent, the long-term consequences created by building explosions are devastating sufficient to last a lifetime.

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In 2020, Samah Hadid compared the construction explosion she lived to an earthquake. …


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